18 June 2014

Android KitKat (4.4) features, tips & tricks

Android KitKat is the most recent version of Android till date. It has revamped user interface with smoother animation and lower system hardware requirements. As Android rolled out Android KitKat, it introduced a bunch of new features and modifications in the Android API.

1. Keep mobile data under control
We use mobile data everyday. But not all of the carriers do have unlimited data plans. Sometimes we fail to keep an eye on mobile data limit and get a huge bill in return. And as we all know, Android applications hog data a lot because of cloud computing with synchronization.
Thanks to Android's built in data monitor which warns you to turn off data when warning limit set by you is exceeded, and turns off data automatically when data plan is exhausted. The data usage monitor even allows to reset the data counter on a particular date.

2. Keep an eye on alarms
Alarms are extremely useful for the most of us. But sometimes they make you feel awkward when your phone rings with an embarrassing alarm tone during meetings. KitKat dev team has kept this in mind and added an option to alert us about the upcoming alarm an hour before the alarm is supposed to ring. There will be a notification in tray to quickly dismiss the alarm.

3. Wireless print outs
Printing by connecting your phone to PC is a hassle. Android has got the HP's cloud printing plugin which can print the documents on the go without need of a cable. And as we can guess, only a few HP printers are supported with this plugin. It's a very useful feature.

4. Security promised
Google knows that we are forgetful and we forget our phones at places ;) So this new version of Android has been equipped with Android Device Manager, a service to track down your lost devices. The service ensures safety of our data and even allows to remotely locate, wipe, ring or lock the phone.
As you can guess, the service needs our location constantly, to keep track of places we've been visiting everyday. This location information is synced automatically. But for using this service we must enable Android Device Manager in following way :
     a. Go to 'Google Settings' app on phone
     b. Touch 'Android Device Manager'
     c. Tick on 'Allow remote lock and erase'
     d. Touch on 'Activate'. Now, your phone and the data is safe.

5. Next-Gen ART Runtime
Before KitKat, Android used to use Dalvik runtime which is basically a runtime virtual machine. But for KitKat, Android team has done some serious research, and developed a new runtime
known as ART, which is supposedly going to be used in next major Android version. ART has introduced improved garbage collection technology which improves application's responsiveness. ART supports ahead of time compilation which integrates install time verification. This means your apps will take more time and space to install, but they will provide faster experience than Dalvik would provide.
The feature has been disabled by default and can be enabled through developer options. To know how to enable developer options, you can go through this tutorial.
The feature can be enabled in Settings > Developer Options > Select Runtime > Use ART

17 June 2014

Moto G Tips and Tricks

Hey there !
You got a Moto G ? Awesome. You bought the Motorola's most successful phone ever. It's the best phone you can get by spending  less than 200$. The Motorola and Google have done some magic over the phone and it's still difficult to find out what exactly they have done to bring down the price bar.

Smart typing with Google Keyboard.
  Google has introduced Google keyboard in Kitkat with gesture based typing which lets you type by just swiping your finger through the letters of intended word. It's an incredible way of typing which gets better and better as you go on using it. Google currently haven't added a facility to fetch slang words/popular acronyms from social networks.

Getting help from Motorola
  Motorola has provided a nice application for providing easy access to help. It is also one of the only few apps Motorola has added to keep the operating system more close to stock android. To access this service, just click on Help icon in launcher. Motorola provides basic as well as advanced tutorials, information for the ones who are new to Android, battery optimization tips and everything that a user would like to know.  It even allows short-cuts to contact with customer care either via phone or with online chat with a single touch.

Get rid of interruptions
 Moto Assist app avoids calls at the times when your busy or sleeping . It can be configured to make your phone silent during your working/sleeping hours. It can avoid interruptions by putting your phone in silent mode or automatically replying to the callers with texts.

Transfer contacts and other stuff from old phone
 Moto G comes with a handy app known as 'Migrate' which allows to transfer contacts, appointments from old phone to Moto G. For that, it needs to be installed on the old phone for syncing the old contacts and other files.

Take a screenshot
 Taking a screenshot in this phone is really easy. For that, just press and hold power button and volume down button simultaneously regardless of in whichever app you are. You can take screenshot of a webpage/game or any app with it.

Keep your phone safe from theft
 Moto G comes with a phone tracking service, which makes sure that you don't lose the phone. For activating this feature, you need to login with your own Google account, and then sign up for Motorola Device ID feature. To activate this feature, you should go to Settings and then navigate to Motorola Device ID.

15 June 2014

Enable Developer Tools in Moto G

As we know, Moto G is a fantastic and affordable phone by Motorola and Google !!
Moto G surprisingly provides specifications that the phones with double price could provide.
Are you too a nerd too, trying to explore your brand new phone ? You are at the right place.
Initially developer options used to be visible. Later, with the release of Android 4.2 Jelly Bean (JB)  Google decided to hide those settings, because people used to play with developer tools, even if they did not know what those settings could lead.
Follow the steps.
1. First of all get a Moto G, if you still don't have it...
2. Open settings.
3. Scroll down to bottom.
4. Touch on 'About Phone'
5. Tap on Build Number 7 times
You are good to go... :)