27 June 2012

Compress & Resize animated images

Compression is the need of future. Compression reduces the quality a bit, but improves uploading & downloading speed, because of lower file sizes.
If the images in a website are optimized well, then the website opens a lot faster. That's a major advantage for website developers. So, here I'm going to share you 2 websites. There, you'll able to compress & resize animated as well as still images.

Use this site, for compressing still as well as animated images :

Use this site, for resizing animated as well as still images :

Enjoy !

26 June 2012


Hi friends, I'm here with a great offer for you !
You can earn free recharge, on various operators in India, such as Airtel, BSNL, Docomo etc.
All you have to do, is to sign up on the following link, and confirm the email and mobile number.

REMEMBER, without confirming mobile no. & email, they won't give you free recharge.
Hurry, the offer will expire soon ! :D

REGISTER HERE : http://bit.ly/MmOLN5

23 June 2012

Reset Opera master password

Don't worry !
It's quite easy to reset master password of Opera.
For doing so, all you have to do is to follow the steps :

1) Close Opera.

2) If Tools > Pref. > Advanced > Security > Use master password to protect....... is not ticked, then delete opcert6.dat from the following folder :
    in Address bar of explorer, paste this

If Use master password to protect...... is ticked, then delete opcert6.dat & wand.dat from the path, stated above.

3) If you face any problems, let me come to know !

4) Enjoy !

Credits : Tamil

PC Suite for your Android phone

Hi friends.......
I am here, to present you a cool software that will work just like PC suite for your android phone. Actually, I am a Samsung Galaxy Y GT-5360 user. So I tried this software personally, & just loved it !
One of the unique feature, I observed in this software is realtime preview of your phone. You can see what you are doing in the phone in the PC. Actually, I guess this feature uses screenshot service of the Android.

Features :
-Download applications (with your computer's broadband conn.)
-Backup/Restore contacts, messages, call logs, apps, files...
-Update apps on the phone, using internet of PC
-Install/Uninstall apps
-Manage videos, images, songs on the phone
-Download various themes
-File management

Download :

12 June 2012

Create a QR Code Online

If you are interested in creating your own QR code, then it's pretty easy. Actually, many QR Code readers too provide this facility. But if you want to send secret messages, share secrets then it's pretty easy with this website.
This website allows to generate a QR code from URL, text, Phone number or SMS too.

Check this out here :

Minimize all other windows

Actually this is not a trick or something.....
I found how to minimize all other windows suddenly, when I was listening songs on my lappy, with media player classic.
All you have to do to minimize all other windows except current one, is to shake the window, with the help of mouse.
Try it !
It's really handy, if you have habit of heavy multitasking.