22 May 2012

Take Ownership of a folder

If we want to modify or replace some of the files in Windows system files (for ex. replacing uxtheme.dll) , then we have to take ownership of those folders (example. System32).  For that purpose, I found a handy utility 'Take Ownership'.
Potential uses :
1) Uxtheme patching
2) APKTool installation
3) Replacement of windows files
4) Editing hosts file
5) Removing Windows.old directory for removing dirty Windows installation

Take ownership adds a simple explorer context menu, for taking the ownership of a folder/file with a single click, and installation and uninstall can be done with a single click.
The following image shows how to do it :

13 May 2012

QR Code/Bar Code reader for PC

Hi friends,
many of you may own an android or iPhone, or any kind of smartphone. Many times, for downloading some content from websites, we need to use a QR code/Bar Code reader on our smartphone. But, when we are browsing from PC, then it becomes difficult to download the files from PC for our phone.
Here, I have found a solution. All you have to do, is to download the QuickMark software. This software not only enables you to read data from codes, but it enables you to create your own Bar code / QR Code.
You can download it, from the following link:
Try it ! Enjoy  :)