26 December 2012

Pidgin :- Great alternative to traditional messengers

Pidgin is a universal chat client. It lets you chat with multiple social networks and chat networks. Imagine a program with which, you can chat with Google chat, Facebook chat, ICQ, Yahoo Messenger, AOL Messenger.... friends at once without need of logging in to each of those individually. With this, you can have mail notifications too.
Features :
1) Supports multiple chats like Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, .....
2) Smileys and kinda useful things
3) Very handy
4) Multiple messenger chat possible simultaneously
5) Powerful features, and supports adding buddy, checking mail and much more

Want to have a look ?
Go here www.pidgin.im/

[ Image from http://www.pidgin.im ]

03 December 2012

Get rid of Airtel advertisements (Android)

If you have got a new Airtel SIM, then you must be annoyed by the advertisements that are really disgusting.
If you accidentally click on 'ok', then you are charged by Airtel for some kind of disgusting service that you don't even want to activate. I know how it pains when Airtel deducts your precious money  ;-)

I've brought you a simple solution to get rid of the all annoying advertisements.....
You must be rooted and having Titanium Backup installed on your Android phone for the sort of things I'm going to tell you.

Steps :
           1) Open Titanium Backup.
           2) Go to 'Backup/Restore'.
           3) Touch on 'Click to edit filters'.
           4) Type 'Sim' and click on 'Apply'.
           5) Find SIM Toolkit and click on it.
           6) Click on 'Un-install !' and then give positive response on upcoming prompts (i.e. Okay/I'm sure/Yes/....).

Problem solved :D
Good luck, and enjoy Airtel advt. free phone.