30 December 2011

Take a screenshot in Android

         We know that, the Android is very powerful and interesting operating system by Google.
In it, we can capture screenshot without any need of other software to be installed. Just press the following key combination.

Home key + Power key

23 December 2011

JPEG Compressor

Many times, we need to decrease the image's file size, for eg.Sending emails, publishing on the website, and attaching in forums etc.
 I am currently designing my college's website as a project. So, to save the bandwidth, I thought about compressing the photos.I searched a lot on the internet, to find a better image compressor, & after a lot research, I found a great software, called JPEG compressor.
Although it has a very simple interface, and no buttons at all in it's interface, but it compresses the image in a large proportion. My own images,that were almost of nearly 400 kilobytes in size, got compressed upto 80 kb (Just imagine..... :) ). BTW, the above image is also compressed with it.
That's really useful guys. Get it from the following link .

Download : http://sourceforge.net/projects/jpegcompressor/

21 December 2011

Watch blocked youtube videos

Hey friends, I've brought you a very useful trick.
Many times, you want to watch some videos that are not available in your country.
To watch them, you have to use proxies, youtube downloaders, blah blah blah.......
There is a simple trick to watch 'em.
Just go to metacafe.com
Search the exact name of the video, that you wanna watch.
Watch the video, and enjoy !
You could also try to search the name on Google Videos, or any other website.

NOTE: This tutorial is for educational purpose only. Don't use it for illegal purposes. I'll not be responsible for anything.
(If you are using proxy, then it is useful.)

Type in Marathi

If you want to write in Marathi or your any local language in any application, then you can use a free software, that is developed by Google.
It's Google Transliteration Input Method Editor ( Google IME ).
It's features are as follows :

  • Offline Transliteration
  • Seamless Integration of your local language in any software
  • Word Suggestions
  • Easy Keyboard
  • Available in 22 different language
Download : http://www.google.com/ime/transliteration/

20 December 2011

Can you run that game ?

If you are a gaming freak, and going to get a new game, then you need to confirm that the game will run smoothly.To confirm that the game will run smoothly, you should know the configuration of your system. If you  are unaware of the configuration of your system, then you can easily test whether you could play the game or not, by using the following website.

Note: Java Runtime is needed to run this test.

Website : http://www.systemrequirementslab.com

19 December 2011

Hiren's BootCD

Hi friends,
I'm going to tell you about a bootable CD, that will be too much helpful for you for recovering from serious problems of your PC.
This CD can be used to recover lost data, partitions, MBR etc. We can also create, modify, delete the partitions.
The main features of this CD are as follows :
  • Antivirus & Process Tools
  • Backup Tools
  • BIOS / CMOS Tools
  • File Managers & File system Tools
  • Cleaners
  • Driver Tools
  • Editors / Tools
  • Hard Disk & Partition Tools
  • MBR Tools
  • Recovery Tools
  • Network Tools
  • Optimizers & Tweakers
  • Registry & Security Tools
  • Testing & System Information Tools

If you have any difficulty, then you are free to comment bellow.

( If you lose any important data, then I will not be responsible. )

Official Site: www.hiren.info

16 December 2011

Sumatra PDF : An alternative to Adobe Reader

Hi friends,
today I'm going to tell you a nice alternative to the sluggish Adobe Reader that takes too much time to open the PDF file.
Sumatra PDF is a simple PDF reader, that is tremendously fast than that of Adobe Reader. It opens the files in a flash, and it's installation is also very lightweight.

Features :
  • Free
  • Lightweight installation
  • Quick PDF Rendering
  • Portable Version Available
  • Shows recently opened PDF files in homescreen
  • Mozilla Plugin for PDF viewing
Download :

12 December 2011

Virtual Box Seamless Mode

 Sometimes, we need to run Windows XP specific programs in Windows 7.Then formatting our system, and installing Windows XP is not affordable.
In this case, we can use the free software Virtual Box that's available at https://www.virtualbox.org/ .

For switching between normal mode and seamless mode, just use Ctrl + L key combination.
In the seamless mode, you can
  • use applications of both operating systems simultaneously.
  • hide the annoying window of the virtual box.
  • get a very intuitive experience that you might never had.